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Francis Joseph Xavier Scully; (April 28 1892 – June 23 1964)[1][4] was an American journalist, author, humorist, and a regular columnist for the entertainment trade magazine Variety.

Scully studied journalism at Columbia University, was on the reporting staff at The New York Sun, and was a contributor to Variety.[5] His authored books include Rogue’s Gallery[6] and Fun In Bed: The Convalescent’s Handbook.[7] Scully received a screenwriting credit for the American version of the film Une fée… pas comme les autres (The Secret of Magic Island).[8]
Scully publicized the Aztec, New Mexico UFO hoax when, in 1949, he authored two columns in Variety claiming that dead extraterrestrial beings were recovered from a flying saucer crash.[9][10][11]
Scully’s 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers expanded on the themes of flying saucer crashes and dead extraterrestrials, with Scully describing one of his sources as having “more degrees than a thermometer.”[12] In 1952 and 1956, True magazine published articles by San Francisco Chronicle reporter John Philip Cahn[13][14]
that purported to expose Scully’s sources as con artists who had hoaxed Scully.[15] Scully’s 1963 book In Armour Bright also included material about alleged flying saucer crashes and dead extraterrestrials.[16]


Contributions, introductions, forewords[edit]
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Feature films[edit]
Scully, Frank (Writer (1964 U.S. version)) (1957). Une fée… pas comme les autres (Motion picture) (in French). France/Italy: Cine del Duco, Del Duca Films.[17]

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