Chinese computer scientist

Chen Jin (Chinese: 陈进; pinyin: Chén Jìn; born in 1968) is a Chinese computer scientist.
Chen was born in Putian, Fujian, in 1968, along with a twin brother. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Tongji University in Shanghai and in 1991, moved to the United States to study computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.[1] In 1998, he earned a Ph.D. there while working at Motorola’s Austin research center. Chen moved back to China in 2000 and worked at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
In 2003, Chen announced a breakthrough in microchip design. The Chinese government, eager to develop an indigenous hi-tech industry, greeted the news with great delight.[1] He was appointed Dean of Microelectronics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and promised to deliver newer chips Hanxin II and III in 2004. However, it was proven to be fraudulent as a whistleblower revealed that the Hanxin chip was not his creation. This resulted in his expulsion and possible criminal investigation by authorities.[1][2]



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