Witchy Cauldron Beginner Tarot, Learning Tarot, Tarot Cards for Beginners with Meanings on Them, Keywords, Reversed, Chakra, Planet, Zodiac,…

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Witchy Cauldron Beginner Tarot, Learning Tarot, Tarot Cards for Beginners with Meanings on Them, Keywords, Reversed, Chakra, Planet, Zodiac,…

  • paper 350 gsm
  • START YOUR TAROT JOURNEY WITH EASE – This beginner tarot deck is perfect for those just starting out! Upright and reversed meanings of each tarot card are printed right on the card, so you can easily learn and grow your tarot skills.
  • A DECK FOR ALL LEVELS – Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, this deck has something for everyone. With keywords, chakra symbols, planets, affiliations, and zodiacs, you’ll have everything you need to give accurate readings.
  • CONNECT WITH THE CARDS – The classical Tarot deck provides archetypal images that are easy to understand and follow. Connect with the cards through their beautiful images.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR THE WITCHY IN YOU! – Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced witch, this tarot deck is perfect for you. With beautiful artwork and keywords on each card, it’s easy to do readings and get in touch with your intuition.
  • Learning the meanings of each card will help you to understand your life better. The cards also serve as a guide for your spiritual growth and development. You can use them for divination or meditation.


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13 reviews for Witchy Cauldron Beginner Tarot, Learning Tarot, Tarot Cards for Beginners with Meanings on Them, Keywords, Reversed, Chakra, Planet, Zodiac,…

  1. Laura Russell

    I highly recommended this deck, especially for beginners but anyone really. It is packed with so much information on each card. Even gives you two extra cards (not to be used in a reading) for information on the planet’s and Chakras. Don’t hesitate to buy this deck. You’ll be glad like me you did!

  2. Sally White

    These cards are not only beautiful but so unbelievably helpful,i have the worst memory but these cards help give me that memory boost,just fantastic!Easy to shuffle,easy to understand,all in all,a brilliant set here,must buy as you will not be disappointed!!

  3. A.B.

    These are great for different kinds of readings like a chakra check ins or even what energies to work with like venusian or zodiacal.

    Easy for beginners and great for refreshing your memory when it comes to the cards.

  4. Emz680

    Excellent for beginners to tarot. They have the upright and reverse meaning on the cards. Also shows the chakra symbol planet zodiac sign and Yes, No or Maybe on them for yes/no questions. It also come with two cards that have the zodiac signs on one side and the planets on the flip side. The second card is a chakras chart and on the flip side how to do a one card reading. Shiny feel to them. Comes in a sturdy box. Value for money I’d say.

  5. Sleepless in Seattle

    I purchased it as a collector, it is a good beginner deck, it will help beginners to develop their skills

  6. zf

    This deck is amazing!!!!!! I have 100+ decks and this has been my go to since I got it . Having the zodiac planets yes no…this is the deck I’ve been waiting for . I will definitely use it for my tarot 101 classes!! It will be required reading from now on.

  7. Gabrielle Garcia

    I wish I knew about this deck 10 years ago when I started doing tarot readings.
    This deck is good for beginners and also for those that need a brush up.

  8. Nicole

    Love these!! have recommended these to friends who are also learning

  9. Urban Dragon

    I really like the cards. They are a great tool for the beginner and there is a wealth of information provided on each card. The best one I found so far.
    It is a fantastic learning tool, absolutely well taught out and very well organized.
    I’ve done few readings for myself and the cards respond beautifully.
    They are also very high quality, thick with heavy gloss.
    They do slide and slip a bit as another reviewer mentioned but I am kind of getting used to that in the last few days and don’t mind it very much.

    The design is where this deck could do with a bit of improvement in my personal opinion.

    The cards background, which is corresponding to an element, is mostly dreary and miserable, particularly the cups suit.
    Usually so happy and vibrant, here it has some gray, muddy, rainy, watery background, which I found to be depressing beyond belief.

    I just pulled 3 of Cups as well as Ace of Cups for my inquiry and I can not get excited with the good news they bring because both cards look so depressing.

    The photo I’ve included is actually brighter then the cards. Which is a testament to my phone camera, the cards are darker in reality.

    Air suits have brighter, simpler and clearer background so I find them easier to read.

    Earth suites have a very busy and dark background, there is actually a full forest of trees there in the background, which makes it hard to see information on the cards, just way too much of a sensory overload.

    The fire suites are brightest and the most uplifting I find.

    The Raider Waite images on the cards are equally dimmed and a bit washed out.
    They are quiet small too but if they were a bit brighter in color like they are usually in original Raider Waite deck, then I don’t think their small size would be as much of an issue.

    The back of the cards design shows when the cards are upright, which is not a good thing for readers that read reversals, because chances are we’ll automatically resist pulling reversal when we see it, particularly when we read for ourselves.

    As is, with everything combined, all of the information on the cards can be hard to read.
    And you have to be able to scan it quickly and get all the written information on it.

    Having said all that, I am still glad I bought the deck as I am new at this and really need all the information provided on each card in order to learn and I do recommend the deck to others who are just learning.
    It’s fairly priced and very useful.

    But if they ever come up with cleaner background and brighter design while including all this information, I would discard this deck in a heart bit and purchase another.

    In the meantime, I am actually bonding pretty well with this one, more so then I expected.
    Who knows, I might even learn to love it in all it’s brooding glory.

  10. MomLife

    Nice packaging. Came with a very sturdy box to store the cards in. The cards are easy to handel, sturdy, and information is provided on them with two additional reference cards. Overall, I was impressed with what I received for the cost. I would purchase again. My only suggestion would be to provide a reference card on how to start a reading. How many cards to flip, a starter layout, or something like that. A starting point. As a beginner, it was great to receive my first deck. But, I didn’t know what to do with them. There’s tones of information out there and can easily search the web. But, It would be a nice addition to this great starter deck.

  11. Sammy

    Such a fantastic deck, I love the fact its all there on the cards which makes it so easy! Love the feel of them, the design ..everything!

  12. samanthia

    I love this deck. I got it because I disconnected from my wider waite tarot. As soon and I opened. It I was able to connect and the symbols and words on the deck makes it even better. I will be using this deck for now own. It’s not just for beginners anyone can get these bad boys.

  13. Foxbox758

    These are nice cards. The print quality and feel of the cards are perfect. They’re not too big, not too small, they don’t bend, and they shuffle nicely. I love all of the information on the cards, but, personally don’t like the art work and wish the person who made these cards had more of a visual design sense. The design reminds me of 1980’s photoshop work – so many drop shadows that it’s hard to read the txt, so much information that you don’t know what to look at first. It’s so awful that I get caught up in the design, I find I can’t use these cards much. I do however use them specifically for yes or no. I have never seen any other tarot cards with this feature which is the only reason I bought the cards. Another added bonus was that it took foooooorever to get these cards in the mail. It’s 2022 – delivery shouldn’t take longer than a week especially when the product isn’t super cheap. Definitely a pet peeve.

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