Spudkin of spring

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These little guys are Spudkins, they are sort of like minions, and kind of like roots, but very potatoey.Round little bottoms, funny little faces, sitting loosely in their pots, very unwilling to get out of them…They like people watching.They told me that they are non judgemental , but I’ve heard them criticise people’s choice in footwear… it’s not even like these guys have feet!!Anyhow… I’m sure there is mischief to follow with these guys, they have that look!Spudkins are sent randomly.If you do have a preference, please screenshot and circle your favourite and if it’s available, I’ll send it!Some have teeth, some don’t!Please message me your preference if you have one and if it’s available I’ll send it, otherwise, if you’re happy to wait, I can even custom make one for you!The garden gang , Spudkins and roots, are plotting to take over the world by either being eaten, or by taking over the fridge and eating all your cheese.They are SO naughty.Luckily they are cute!!They all come with a story about their character and habits. Spudkins are around 4” tall and are made with love.No two are alike and all have so much character!*Any 2 items purchased from my store get a random third item sent!It could be from the same gang, a different gang or something completely unique and wonderful not available online… However…. If you have a preference, message me and if it’s available, I’ll send it!