Man Portable Air Defense System : Fliegerfaust




In the dying days of World War 2 on the European Continent, out of pure desperation to save the German Regime, German scientists would create some bizarre and revolutionary weapons that some would evolve into mainstay weapons in most modern militaries today. Although at the time their effectiveness varied depending on when they were deployed and in how many numbers, the forward-thinking of these designs were years ahead of their time. One is known as the Fliegerfaust or Luftfaust, translating to “Pilot Fist” and “Air Fist”. This weapon system would be the first-ever purpose-built Man-Portable Air Defense System or commonly called MANPADS. It would launch nine 20mm High Explosive Rockets at Low flying Allied Aircraft in the last days of the War. This book sets out to dive into its known history, other similar weapon systems and resurrects this design by showing how the author manufactured their functional replica with launchable rockets. With no surviving footage or photos of these launchers firing, the Author hopes to give an insight into what these weapons were capable of and how they may have looked in combat.

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