Formaldehyde Skin Siamese Twin Fetus Baby Fetal Specimen

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This Siamese Twin Fetus Prop is our own original hand made creation. Made to display dry on a flat surface or in a jar of water with scary light effects, this prop is perfect for any Halloween science laboratory, haunted house, circus or carnival freak sideshow and other scary or science decor.FeaturesNew design! No more base. This latex baby measures 7 inches tall and is hollow and has a hole underneath to allow water inside if displaying in water. Unlike our previous model that sat on a base, this baby has no base so it looks more natural.Has a similar flesh tone to specimens in formaldehyde for added effect. This is a handmade item so flesh tone may slightly vary from picture.Comes with submersible light and remote control that offers multiple colors and options including solid color lights (red, green or blue are the most eerie), fade and strobe.Jar measures approximately 10.25 inches tall (included)Ships dry. You simply add water to the baby, the jar and slip in the baby, light and lidTurn it on and be amazed. Looks great in the dark and in daylight and can be used as a night light.Submersible light requires 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included). Remote includes batteries.This is not a kid’s toy. This is a serious Halloween prop for display purposes only.Super Creepy with cleft lip to add realism.For long-term submersion it is recommended to coat the baby with a sealant like Monster Maker’s Perma-Wet Gloss CoatingQuick note on submersions: You must put the prop upside down in the bottle of your choice and let the water fill the prop (squeeze or pump out any air out of the prop), then when the bottle is full of water, flip the prop right side up and it should sit at the bottom without floating. Repeat if necessary until you get all the air out. Prop should not float at the top if you do this right.