Custom** bear art sculpture teddy, weird plush toy sculpture, creepy bear, weird teddy gift, weirdcore gift, nightmare fuel plush

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Hello fellow weirdos.I can’t stop making creepy old man faces and now I’ve ended up with a cursed teddy with a dude inside.*** please send clear photos after ordering**** created with a shop bought bear.* Face and nipples handmade from polymer clay and faces might vary as no moulds are used but always uniquely creepy * This item is not a toy, it’s an art sculpture and isn’t intended to be played with. Please take care when handling.I repeat: It is NOT a toy and is for display purposes only. It is NOT for children.*The bears are unsuitable for machine washing, tumble drying or soaking in water. A gentle wipe clean only is suitable.Please give me a shout on any thoughts, comments and suggestions, would love to hear from you.Sarah.x